You might imagine our surprise when the people at X Games Austin asked Round Rock Drums (supporting Rhythm Workshops) to play four shows during their event – the first ever held here in Austin.

As soon as we arrived at the Circuit of America’s, Event Managers offered us several playing locations – and once we chose our performing spot the students and their family’s began unloading lots of drums, trashcans, buckets and more.

It was very exciting to witness camera operators from ESPN when they descended around our Round Rock Drums’ students. The young drummers became extra focused, and the fans at the X Games literally caught a huge glimpse of what we do on the main event stage’s Jumbotron.

The most exciting part was meeting with the fans. Throughout the day many people from all walks of life approached us and shared their appreciation for what our students did during the show. I even got to hang out with a little toddler who found a couple of twigs on the ground and began playing on some of our buckets!

After a fun day filled with playing and drinking lots of water, we broke down our equipment, loaded our vehicles, and turned around one last time to to cement a memory that would last for a very long time.

Thanks X Games – you helped to make a lot of young drummers’ dreams. :)

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    Our Master Drum Coach loves his job – he encouraged us throughout our performances...

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    It was interesting that the ground was covered in mulch at the location during X Games...

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    The sun shinned brightly on our faces as it’s beams relentlessly reflected off our...

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    Our Master Drum Coach helped to keep us all focused as we played for X Games Austin.

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    It was a very hot day when we set up for our performances at X Games Austin.