Students at Round Rock Drums are very involved with Round Rock Arts.

The kids did a spectacular job performing during the ar’s “Night Rider” event here in Round Rock.

The renovated Rabb house’s new amphitheater shinned brightly as the kids took the dark stage located along the creek.

Wearing masks, glow-in-the-dark necklaces, bracelets, and playing with brightly-lit sticks, the students put on an exciting show.

Even the spectators wore a variety of glowing items which added color and interesting textures during the percussive performance.

At the end of the show the kids stacked their cans into a pyramid which read “WE CAN DRUM.” A fitting end to a performance filled with energy, glowing lights and – of course – drumming.


The kids in our community had so much fun banging on trash cans, buckets, PVC pipe, lids and more while interacting with our Rhythm Workshops’ booth at the “Chalk Walk” 2014.

The students from Round Rock Drums came out and helped other young people learn how to play beats.

The best part of the day was witnessing parents watch their children have fun doing something involving rhythm.

On many occasions the parents and kids asked “how much does it cost to play?” Our response “nothing!” :)

The saddest part of the day was closing down our free booth.

We look forward to doing this again.

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