An explosion of fun!

Answer to the question: What happens when the Georgetown Palace Theater & Rhythm Workshops team up to work with kids?

The Master Drum Coach, Ed Francis, had this to say about the experience, “The most exciting part about what I do is to share my love of drumming, creativity and teaching with others. Especially the children – those who haven’t yet lost their capacity to believe in what they can achieve though they may currently lack the ability to do it.”

These children are banging on cans, buckets, PVC pipes, drums and more!

Rhythm Workshops is a non-profit working with kids at the Georgetown Palace over the next 5 weeks. And those very same children participating in the workshops are being prepped to put on a show, along with students from Round Rock Drums.

Smiles on their faces and a drumming-good-time had by all.

The kids who attended this 7 week FREE program from Rhythm Workshops experienced what it’s like to play the drums and have fun!

Students from Round Rock Drums taught during these complimentary drum clinics and closed the show at the Palace Theatre in Georgetown with a stunning performance on trashcans, buckets, PVC pipes and more.

Our co-founder (and drum coach at Round Rock Drums), Ed Francis, opened the show with the following words:

“What we say matters. The things we communicate to kids shape them. It’s our job to help young people discover who they are and what they love to do. Children need to know how special they are – that they have something unique to offer the world.”

Even the kids (“Red Shirts”) who participated in the program had things to say:

“I like banging on the buckets – it’s better than hitting my brother on the head!”

We look forward to working with kids everywhere…

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