These students at Round Rock Drums were excited to practice for their upcoming “Night Rider” performance.

This show will be held at night and the kids will be wearing glow-in-the-dark items, glow sticks, black-light colors and playing on items that illuminate in the dark – including sticks that shine brightly in the night!

Our mission is to provide the highest quality teaching, produce exciting performance outlets and contribute to our community.

These kids not only receive private lessons but also gain experiences far beyond the drum studio. We prepare our students to know what it’s like in the real world by holding a wide variety of performances using varied mediums of expression.

We do not limit the learning experience to only the classroom.

Drum lessons are also conducted at numerous locations and under group settings where our drum coach spends more time and energy shaping each drummer as they become a better musician/performer.

We also have students from Round Rock Drums teach other children by going into the community with our non-profit, Rhythm Workshops, where we demonstrate that everyone can play music – no matter what their level of ability. This free program helps to inspire kids in our communities to take the first steps toward a lifelong love of drumming.

Reading music, playing drums and performing are all parts of the experience here at Round Rock Drums. But the most important to us is for each kid to realize their full potential as a human being. We are a performance driven studio that cares about students.

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